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It’s part of the chain of survival, Ninety per cent of all community nurse practitioners in the Yukon have already been trained in the use of the new machines. The remainder will also receive the Saskatchewan Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Intermediate Life Support Provider Training. The defibrillator is a small machine with a disposable set of stick-on chest pads. Once the “on” button is pressed, the defibrillator will provide instructions on what to do.

The machine will identify if there is a shockable rhythm ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation – present. If neither of these two rhythms is present, it will not charge, nor will it advise a defibrillation. The devices are very reliable and have been shown to increase survival in sudden cardiac arrests, said Lee Holliday, the department’s nurse educator. Having access to this technology will hopefully save lives of Yukoners, Sharon Kerr is the Nurse Practitioner in Charge in the Destruction Bay Health Centre. In 1996, she was part of the nursing staff at a remote mining camp where she had the opportunity to research the usefulness and effectiveness of AEDs. It is essential to note that this is not a magic box that will save everyone.

It is only useful in very specific situations. But on the occasions where the cardiac rhythm is shockable, early defibrillation dramatically increases the chance of successful resuscitation. WHITEHORSE – Yukon poetry is gracing Whitehorse Transit buses as a result of the world’s most northerly transit poetry project. Officials today unveiled 13 poems selected for the Moving Words – Poetry in Transit project. The program, supported by the Yukon government’s Cultural Services Branch, the City of Whitehorse and the Canada Council for the Arts, aims to connect transit riders with the work of Yukon poets and cultivate the local poetry community. Learn More: TDS Nationwide

More than 44 poets responded to last month’s call for poetry submissions, producing 69 works on varying themes in both French and English. The originality and style demonstrated by our poets is reflected in the high calibre of the submissions, Choosing only 13 poems proved a very challenging process for the selection committee. The Council has supported more than a dozen initiatives like this across the country, enjoyed by more than four million Canadians every day, The Whitehorse campaign marks the first time such an initiative has taken place in Canada’s north.

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