Load a banner or an picturesque Image and get it in onto the plan as a 3D object that you can arrange as a face-only object or a 3D thin sheet. A surface is an area in the garden plan in the form of a stripe, ellipse or rectangle. Surfaces available to you include lawns, crazy paving and even water. If you wish to, apply borders by selecting a non-zero width on the border slider. Note that overlapping surface objects, with the same border and internal patterns is automatically merged, allowing the creation of more complex images (e.g. pathways, patios and garden ponds). By default the items lower down in the surface list are placed on top of those higher up in the list.

By selecting this, you can either choose one of the many industrial or private constructions including buildings, houses, sheds and selection of different sports areas. They are all of a rectangular form, Well qualified Home Buyers Agent but can be combined with similar objects to make more complex figures. The default dimensions of a sports area corresponds to common standards. But you can always rotate any structure object and change its length, width or height. If you cant find what you want, use the Building Wizard to design your own building or tower.

Either base this on one of the existing structures or start from scratch. To make unique images, try combining different structures to get the desired effect. The default dimensions of sports areas correspond to international standards, but you can change them if necessary. Selecting Plant Place button places the plant currently selected in the plant encyclopedia into your garden plan. You can place a single plant or group of plants in a line, ellipse or rectangle, and you can also adjust the density of planting.

With each of the above, clicking OK transfers the object into your plan. Having done this you can move the object to where you want it to be placed. You can decorate your garden with topiary using Plant Sharing Wizard. Plant Sharing Wizard allows you to decorate your garden with topiary. You can choose statues, fences, and arcs from the object library and scale them to size. You can create various shapes such as cylinders, cones, spheres and similar round objects. Selecting Lantern button allows you to place electrical lighting within your garden plan. The effect of these lanterns can be seen when viewing the garden design with a night time setting.

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