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Participants also have the opportunity to meet dietitians, high street pharmacists and staff from A&E, NHS Direct, the Walk-In Centre and Women’s and Family Health in the community. where they can take their time to ask questions about the service and discuss new developments. I started with just three hours a week and really enjoyed it. Newham and in Central London on events which are relatively low key and safe. Recently the cadets assisted in the policing of the Newham Dog Show held at Newham Leisure Centre.

Due to health and safety regulations, cadets are not allowed to actively patrol with street officers. Outdoor activities in the countryside also feature heavily in the list of things cadets get up to. Last year Newham Cadets entered an expedition competition where they had to walk 27 miles. On another occasion they went to an overnight camp and were engaged in a competition testing their problem solving skills in team situations. Each summer the cadets go away on summer holiday. Last year the unit went to an outdoor activity centre in Wales.

Enact Settlement Agents Perth, This summer they will be attending another activity centre in Dorset. Once a year there is a Metropolitan Police Competition where cadets’ knowledge of the law and policing situations is tested against other units from around London. This year skills tested will be uniform drill, sport and fitness, outdoor leadership and knowledge of robbery and arrest procedure. Who has overall responsibility for Newham Police Cadets, said, The young people who attend the cadets learn a lot about teamwork and personal responsibility.

Although many of them will not follow a police career I have no doubt that the skills they gain make them very attractive to any prospective employer. It is worth noting the hard work of the police and other staff who run the unit and the financial assistance we receive from Tate & Lyle, which helps us to finance our activities. Weekly meetings begin with an opening parade and inspection of uniform, provided after one month’s service. Information is given out about any forthcoming competitions or operational policing commitments.

Opening parade is followed by a short drill session, which promotes discipline and team spirit. This is followed by a lecture from a speaker and can be based on anything from the wide-ranging subject of law enforcement. In the past we have had talks given by officers from the firearms department, dog section, crime prevention office, traffic department and scenes of crime office.

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