Do the buyers’ agents conduct a complete market survey which is required at the time of buying a new house?

He also created and led the delivery of the sector’s iN business for neighbourhoods initiative, He has pushed housing to the top of the government’s agenda and has left an enormous legacy of achievement. We will be looking for a big player to fill his boots. Jim was a member of the Board of Shelter 1983-88; Chair of Homeless Network 1990-95.

More people could be forced to endure poor housing because property developers and NIMBYs are resisting planning reforms to build more affordable homes, the National Housing Federation has warned. At a time when high house prices are causing housing misery, there is a pressing need for at least 83,500 new affordable homes a year to meet current demand and existing backlog.

At a time when housing is back at the top of the public agenda, Sanctuary and the Federation agree that the sectors effectiveness needs to be maximised. That can best be done by organisations working together, so Sanctuary Housing Association is rejoining the Federation with immediate effect. The aim was not only to launch the project and to disseminate the results, but also to agree how the work could be put into practical use in the sub region. Attached is a written summary of the launch of the project. One certainty in the year ahead is that the Mayor and City Hall will be playing a much bigger role on Londons housing scene.

Whilst Ken Livingstone may have to wait until 2008 for all his powers to have statutory status, hes already started the process of replacing the existing London Housing Strategy with his own Mayors Housing Strategy. Kens strategy is, as youd expect, likely to place a much greater emphasis on a pan-London approach to housing issues.

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